In this section, type the number that answers the question into the box below it.

For example, if the question is "what's one plus one?", type the number 2. Do not type

the word "two". If you don't know the answer, guess. Leave no boxes unfilled.

Do not press the ENTER key

If I have two eggs and you have two eggs, how many eggs do we have all together?

If four cats each catch two mice, how many have they caught all together?

Marry is twice as old as her son. If Marry is 60, how old is her son?

John is twice as old as his seven-year-old sister. How old will John be when his sister is 40?

16 is five more than a quarter of a number. What is that number?

Sarah's wealth triples every day. If it takes one day for her to have $10, how many days will it take her to have $90?

How many two-inch tall cubes are needed to make a six-inch tall cube?

If it takes six garden hoses, all running for three hours and thirty minutes to fill a tank, how many additional

hoses would be needed to fill the tank in thirty minutes?"

If the tallest kid in class in class is six inches taller and 25 pounds heavier than average, and the heaviest kid in class is

50 pounds heavier than average, how many inches taller than average should we expect him to be?

If the tallest kid in class is 12 inches taller than the shortest kid in class, and if height, practice, speed and

coordination are all equally important in basketball, how many inches taller should we expect the best basketball player

in class to be compared to the worst?